Q&A with Alex, Alexandra & Sid.
Community Hosts OF #TheMotoSocialTORONTO


With our 5 year anniversary fast approaching, there's a lot of exciting news coming down the pipeline.
Not only are we adding 5 new cities to the mix, we're also introducing the new team that will be hosting and looking after #TheMotoSocialTORONTO. Here's a fun little Q&A to introduce our good friends, Alex Burrows, Alexandra McCracken & Sid Tangerine.



Alex Burrows


Who are you and how are you still alive?

Hey, I’m Alex! I’m a curious person who loves working with my hands. This usually ends up with me taking things apart or trying to build something from scratch as opposed to buying it. I truly think that anyone can do anything, as long as they want it bad enough. I’m currently working with a luthier, building a guitar and I really love woodworking. I keep busy with my business in the automotive industry which takes me all over Ontario. In the summer you can find me on a motorcycle, at some live music venue, or up north camping almost every weekend. I love meeting new people and getting inspired by others. 

Aside from Toronto, which of #TheMotoSocial cities would you most want to go visit, and why?

I really want to check out Vancouver. British Columbia has been on the top of my travel bucket list for quite some time. The place is beautiful, the vibe seems really chill and I bet there are some great twisty roads through the mountains. 

Who is responsible for getting you into riding motorcycles?

My best bud, Matt Price got me started with motorcycles. I went to visit him in Alberta about 4-5 years ago and he had a couple old Honda’s sitting in the garage. We hopped on and went for a rip and life hasn’t been the same since. I came home and a week or two later, bought my ’72 Honda. We've done some pretty epic moto trips together since and we're planning on keeping that tradition going. Thanks, Matt!

What made you want to be a part of #TheMotoSocial team?

The people! Ever since I started attending #TheMotoSocialTORONTO I knew I wanted to be a part of it, even if I was just showing up to hang with everyone. Where else can you find such a diverse group of rad people with the same passion?

What have you been taught through riding motorcycles and the moto community?

The motorcycle scene isn’t an intimidating place. When I first started riding, it was definitely a little intimidating showing up to events on my own. But at my first ride-in I met a lot of great people and the community is definitely a welcoming one. I’ve made so many great buds by just showing up solo. Everyone is at these events for the same thing – good people and the love of two wheels.

Describe your team mates with one word.

Alex & Sid: Authentic



Alexandra McCracken


Describe your teammates with one word

Alex - adventurer
Sid - determined

How did you end up in the city you are hosting? 

I had a last minute change of heart when applying to universities & ended up in an Arts program at Ryerson University instead of a Psych Program at the University of Ottawa. Happy I did, this city's been home ever since. 

What made you want to be a part of The Moto Social team? 

I'm a total sucker for stories - and there is no shortage of stories at The Moto Social if you are willing to chat someone up! I love the community & that this one simple thing we all love doing brings us together & makes it that much easier talk to someone you don't know. Makes the city feel a little smaller and friendlier. I'm all about that.

Aside from Toronto, which of The Moto Social cities would you most want to go visit, and why? 

Man - I wanna see 'em all!! But if I had to pick, maybe San Francisco? The city looks so fun - it's got so many hills! Throw in good coffee, art, and the ocean? Can't really go wrong.

Who is responsible for getting you into riding motorcycles? 

My husband Andrew :) While on a trip around Europe he sent me an email saying he was thinking of buying a motorcycle from a friend - which was pretty out of the blue. By the time I got back home he had his license and I was hoping on the back of his bike for a rip. Wasn't long before I was looking for my own bike.



Sid Tangerine


Describe your team mates with one word.

Alexandra - Caring
Alex - Adventurous

Who is responsible for getting you into riding motorcycles?

This one goes to my adopted family at Town Moto. Though they make fun of my bike a lot (see Sideburn Magazine issue #29), I received a lot of help and guidance from Andrew, Thomas and Marika.

Favorite new discovery?

I recently bought Oscar Mulero’s new album, Perfect Peace. It's an incredible record with great balance between Techno, IDM and Ambient.

Top moto hack?

Hands down, #1 moto hack is a heated vest.

Bucket list motorcycle rip?

This might be an obvious one, but I’d love to head down to Utah for the Bonneville Speed Week and witness the birthing of some new land-speed records. It would also be a killer place to take photos.